Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Strategies for General Literacy

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Below are posts related to General Literacy strategies.

teacher with several students in circle sitting on the floor

Small Group Reading Instruction

Students in a small reading group can have success in active participation by creating a positive experience with realistic, short-term goals.
ABC flashcard letters with child hands exploring

Teaching Print Letters

Lessons on teaching print letters with fun activities and ideas. When introducing letters, children with visual impairments need access and intentional learning opportunities.
Blue binder open with a page that says: my first tracking book

My First Tracking Book

As a first year preschool teacher one of my first questions was: how can I help my students with a visual impairment develop pre-braille skills? The simple answer, help them develop tracking skills.
picture of what eye floaters look like through the eyes of a student who is visually impaired

Teaching Students About Their Eye Condition

Help students learn about and describe their eye condition and the effect of it on their learning using this expanded core curriculum activity.