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for students who are blind or visually impaired

Dual Media Strategies

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Below are strategies posts related to Dual Media.

Placing braille label under matching word

Tactile Signage Activity for Dual Media Student

In this activity, dual media students match braille labels to the print text on signs.
Fish file folder game

Fish Braille File Folder Game

These electronic file folder games are designed to give dual media learners practice learning dot configurations for corresponding braille words.
Procede pour écrire les Paroles, la Musique et le Plain-chant au moyen de points, a l’usage des aveugles et dispose pour eux, par L. Braille, Répétiteur à l'Institution Royale des Jeunes Aveugles. Paris. 1829.

Louis Braille Timeline Game

Every year on January 4th, students can play this game in honor of Louis Braille's birthday. It is a good way to review who Louis Braille is.
Title page for Grilled Chicken Braille Game

Grilled Chicken Braille Game

This game is designed to give students with low vision who are learning braille practice with the braille contractions: upon, word, these, those, whose, cannot, had, many, spirit, world and their.

Bass Drum File Folder Game for Dual Media Learners

Students with low vision who are learning braille can practice the whole word contractions the, and, with, of, child, still, and to with this game.
Tree of Thanks

Tree of Thanks

This Thanksgiving craft give students with visual impairments and other special needs the chance to write about what they are thankful for.
Spaghetti braille

Spaghetti Braille Game: Dot 5 Contractions for Dual Media Learners

Dual media learners can have fun practicing dot 5 braille contractions with this spaghetti-themed file folder game!
Spooky Halloween pumpkins

Halloween Maze

A Halloween-themed board game for braille readers to practice contractions and other braille symbols.
Examples of braille reversals

Scratching Your Head with Braille Reversals?

Ideas for braille students who reverse letters or who may be dyslexic.
Cover of Clue Jr.

Adapting Clue Jr. for Children with Vision Impairments

Tips to adapt the board game of Clue Jr. for children who are blind or low vision.
Pizza braille game

Pizza Braille Game: Part-Word Contractions

This game is designed to reinforce part-word braille contractions with dual media learners.
A student holds up her braille year book next to her twin brother

Yearbook Time! Ideas on Including Students with Visual Impairments

Ideas to make the yearbook experience accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired
Bellringer questions with question marks

Bellringers: A Warm-Up Activity for Braille Students

These warm-up questions are a great activity to promote braille literacy skills.
Worksheet with braille contractions and print words

Knowledge Checks of Contractions for Dual Media Learners

Worksheets for dual media learners to practice whole word braille contractions
a drum set

Cymbal Braille File Folder Game

Dual media learners can practice the whole word braille contractions the, and, with, of, child, still, and to, with this file folder game.
Sample pages from book showing seahorse and octopus

Sea Life-Themed Tactile Book: What Do You See in the Sea?

This tactile book is an ocean-themed book about sea animals, which has been adapted for a braille student in Kindergarten.
a train with a four cars

Train File Folder Game: Whole Word Contractions

File folder game to teach dual media students whole word braille contractions
Cover of Traffic Braille

Traffic Braille File Folder

Dual media learners can practice matching braille letters to print letters in this file folder game.
a student reading an evaluation on a computer screen

Student Practices Career Exploration and Self-Determination Teaching a Lesson

Students with visual impairments can practice career exploration and self-determination in teaching a lesson to younger students.
Image of Front of Book with text "Snow, Snow, What Do You See?", a printed snowflake and two foam cut-out snowflakes. Printed text "By: ____" at bottom of front cover.  Picture of assembled and decorated snowman, complete with hat, scarf, boots and white cane.

Winter Tactile Experience Book: Snow, Snow, What Do You See?

This hands-on activity gives beginning braille readers a chance to create a tactile book about winter.