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Below are strategies posts related to Writing.

Cover of summer journal

Summer Braille Journal

By Liamsmom | Comments: 0
A boy reads a braille grocery list on magnetic strips

Magnetic Braille Grocery List

By Liamsmom | Comments: 4
Writing experience book in braille

Braille Book about Deaf Camp Experience

By Liamsmom | Comments: 0
Putting braille labels on a cup

Labeling Cups at Home

By Liamsmom | Comments: 0
Tiara for princess party

Mackenzie’s Birthday Party: An Experience Book

By Samantha Neukomm | Comments: 0
Liam touching the brailled garden labels

Writing Garden Labels

By Liamsmom | Comments: 0
Bellringer questions with question marks

Bellringers: A Warm-Up Activity for Braille Students

By Anna C. Gayle | Comments: 1
a teddy bear holding a note to nurse in braille

Nurses Appreciation Day

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0
Liam reading the braille tape on the cover of Goodnight Moon

Note-Taking Strategy to Log School Reading Assignments

By Liamsmom | Comments: 1
Tactile graphic organizer

Our Version of the Tactile Graphic Organizer

By Deedra Finch | Comments: 0
their, there, they're

Using Frequently Confused Words Correctly

By Paths to Literacy | Comments: 0
Student using telescope in store.

Mia's Mix: An Integrated Approach to the ECC

By Patrick Hector | Comments: 2
A young braille student uses the PenFriend

Using PenFriend to Make (Formerly) Boring Flash Cards More Fun

By Candy Lien | Comments: 0
a yellow square, slightly titled, that says "What's next?"

Adapting Creative Writing Worksheet

By gwyn52 | Comments: 0
Geometric shapes lined up

CVI in Practice: Teaching Visual-Spatial Skills Using Attribute Blocks

By Roxana Cziker | Comments: 0
Magnetic configurations

CVI in Practice: Spatial Configuration with Magnetic Elements

By Roxana Cziker | Comments: 0
Configuration of dots

CVI in Practice: Hands-On Strategies to Develop the Visual-Spatial Skills Related to Writing Letters

By Roxana Cziker | Comments: 0
Making the letter "R" with pipe cleaners

CVI in Practice: Spatial Configuration with Symbols – Letters

By Roxana Cziker | Comments: 0
An index card box to hold word cards

Memorization Fun: A Sentence-Building Activity

By Liamsmom | Comments: 1
The box cover for The Game of Things

Adapting The Game of Things for a Braille Student

By Liz Eagan | Comments: 0