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20 Great Android Apps for Kids with CVI or Low Vision

Toddler explores the surface of a light box

This list of Android Apps for children with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) or Low Vision was compiled by the Thinking Outside the Light-Box: Vision Therapy Support Group. Many of these are available on Google Play and others are available through Amazon and other outlets. Some are free, and others cost up to $1.99.  Many are available on iTunes as well.

These apps work on skills such as visual attention, cause & effect, eye-hand coordination, and more.

Kids Doodle iconThe list of apps includes:

  1. Knee Bouncers Big Little Games
  2. My Baby Drum
  3. Kids Xylophone
  4. Little Piano
  5. BalloonMaker
  6. Balloonimals  
  7. Pop Goes the Bubble  
  8. Sound Touch
  9. My First Race for Babies
  10. Kids Doodle - Color & Draw
  11. Magic Doodle
  12. Peekaboo Barn
  13. Maze Ball
  14. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  15. Wheels on the Bus
  16. Five Little Monkeys
  17. Kids Place - Parental Control

Editor's Note:  The list was updated in 2017 to reflect changes in availability.

Collage of Android apps

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