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Below are strategies posts related to Struggling Readers.

liam reading braille on microwave

Using Braille in the Kitchen!

This activity uses braille labels and tactile symbols to create a braille recipe for children who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind
liam at his desk with his schedule

Daily Desk Schedule for Child Who Is Deafblind

Create a tactile schedule using object symbols, print and braille for learners who are blind, deafblind, visually impaired or with multiple disabilities.
Mrs. Gringling

Keywords from Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Introduce keywords to beginning braille readers using tactile materials to develop braille literacy skills
i see fish cover

Breaking Down the Sentence

Tips to break down sentences for beginning braille readers who are struggling on the path to braille literacy
Tactile quilt with imaginary animals

Tactile Quilt with Fish and Birds

Students who are blind or visually impaired work on braille literacy, while also creating tactile quilt squares, in this interdisciplinary activity.
Mom and little girl share a book with print and braille

Shared Reading Activity

Shared reading activity for fall with a book about apples with braille labels
The braille words I, cheese, pizza, and like and a period are on small plastic tiles on a black felt board from APH.

"Can We Do Oreo Reading Now?” # 2 – Making Sentences Activity

Activity to provide practice to braille readers in making sentences using motivating materials
Picture of book with textured pictures and braille

“Can We Do Oreo Reading Now?” #1 Key Word Books

Create books for braille readers using key words of interest to them to provide motivation.
'S' words

Adapting a Literacy Lesson of the letter "S" for Braille Readers

Adapting reading lesson of the letter "s" for braille students
Binder with text on the front "Word Bank Binder"

Word Bank Binder

This activity helps students to match uncontracted braille to the contracted form.
game board

Creating Braille Board Games

Braille board games are a great way to practice skills at all different levels, while also working on social skills, counting, and more!
Photo: Student at table working on his braillewriter

Motivating Older Adolescents Who Are Emerging Readers

This strategy from a speech therapist is designed to help teachers find appropriate literacy instruction for students who have significant multiple disabilities in addition to their visual impairment.
Photo of two boys in a lesson with a male teacher

Chris Woodin Math Facts

Tips for teaching math to students who have learning disabilities
Image of items beginning with the letter b

Alpha Boxes

Photo of a veltex board with small stuffed animals and letter cards attached.

Using Real Objects to Reinforce Consonant Sounds

Modified page of The Garden with tactile flowers

Using Textures to Adapt Simple Books

Weather chart in print and braille

Weather Chart

Cover of Tactile Treasures from APH

Tactile Treasures and Real Objects

Photo of Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

Object box and word cards for Feely Meely game

Feely Meely: Game to Match Braille to Objects