Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired


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Below are strategies for all content areas.

Cover of The Beach

Providing Direct Experience to Develop Concepts

By Liz Eagan
Children with visual impairments and other special needs need to develop an understanding of basic concepts in order to grasp meaning in books.
Bedtime objects

Stories about Routines with Beginning Braille Readers

By Kay Frase
Stories about routine events from their lives can help to promote braille literacy among preschool children who are blind or visually impaired.
Cover of summer journal

Summer Braille Journal

By Liamsmom
Journals are a great way to promote braille literacy while motivating students to share their experiences.
Letter Board

Letter Board to Make Visual Literacy Activities Accessible

By Teresa O'Brien
Make visual literacy accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired with a braille and large print letter board.
A boy reads a braille grocery list on magnetic strips

Magnetic Braille Grocery List

By Liamsmom
Promote braille literacy, as well as independent living skills, by creating a magnetic grocery list.
Eclipse bulletin board

Tactile Eclipse Board

By JFBamber
Tactile display of the solar eclipse
Kindergarten conversation box

Kindergarten Conversation Box

By Teresa O'Brien
A conversation box can help to promote inclusion and facilitate the transition from preschool to kindergarten for children who are blind or visually impaired.
Hands Down card game

Contraction Go Fish!

By Liamsmom
This adapted Go Fish game is a fun way to practice braille contractions and develop braille literacy skills.
Writing experience book in braille

Braille Book about Deaf Camp Experience

By Liamsmom
A boy who is deafblind creates his own experience book about his time at Deaf Camp this summer.
UKAAF Transcribing Foreign Language Materials

Transcribing Braille for Foreign Language Learners

By John Chester
A TVI shares how he creates braille for pupils learning a foreign language.
Putting braille labels on a cup

Labeling Cups at Home

By Liamsmom
Labeling cups in braille can promote braille literacy, as well as independent living skills.
A girl uses a tactile graphic organizer to practice place values

Teaching Place Value Using a Tactile Graphical Organizer

By Sensory Sun
Tips to teach place values to children who are blind or visually impaired using a tactile graphical organizer
Tiara for princess party

Mackenzie’s Birthday Party: An Experience Book

By Samantha Neukomm
Creating a tactile experience book about a princess birthday party with a young girl who is blind. This is a great way to promote braille literacy!
Braille on Ace of Spades

How to Braille Playing Cards

By PennyR
Guidelines on how to braille playing cards for players who are blind or low vision
Index card with "help" in print and braille

Cards to Promote Independence

By Liz Eagan
Promote independence with students with special needs, including those with visual impairments, using these index cards.
Liam touching the brailled garden labels

Writing Garden Labels

By Liamsmom
Include braille in your summer by inviting your child or student to write garden labels!
Yoda braille design

Yoda Braille Design

By Edith West
This braille design of Yoda is a fun way to practice braille literacy skills and to create braille art or braille drawings.
Cover of Clue Jr.

Adapting Clue Jr. for Children with Vision Impairments

By Katie Rae
Tips to adapt the board game of Clue Jr. for children who are blind or low vision.
A young child plays the drum with his mother

Activities for Learning at Home and in the Community

By Kari Arnold
Ideas of activities for families to try at home or in the community with children who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities
Pizza braille game

Pizza Braille Game: Part-Word Contractions

By Samantha Zauner
This game is designed to reinforce part-word braille contractions with dual media learners.