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Secret Code Braille

Secret braille code

Most students I know love when they can learn through games. Most of my students also love music. Secret Code Braille is a game that incorporates both of those things to make for a fun and exciting braille lesson. 


  • Flash cards or a sheet of braille letter/word/number combinations
    • I am working on letter identification with my student so the codes are of different letters. I usually do 3-5 letters at a time. We also do this activity with numbers.  Your codes can be simple 2 letter codes or more letters and even a combination of words depending on your student’s level.  It can be easily adapted to any level of student. 
  • Music
    • I have a playlist loaded on my phone of popular kids songs that I use. Be sure that whatever you use has a very easy way to pause and play the music.  A favorite song of the students is very motivating.  (My student is currently into the Moana movie soundtrack). 


  • Have the song ready to play on your music device. 
  • For every secret code on the flash card or sheet of braille the student reads correctly, play 10-15 seconds of the song. The secret code unlocks the music. 
  • At the end have your student unlock a “special secret code” to unlock the whole song.  I usually tie in the skills we’ve been working on into the special secret code. 
  • Dance to the music and enjoy your success! 

How can I use this in my lesson?

  • Guided Practice:  Read the secret codes along with your student, pointing out the specific skills you are working on. Enjoy the music together. You worked as a team to break the code!
  • Independent practice:  Have the student read the codes independently, using their newly learned skills to break the code and earn the song. 
  • Formative Assessment:  To leave the braille room, or end the lesson, the student must read a secret code. 

Collage for Secret Braille Code


I would like to understand how this activity works :D

Posted by Jang Hee I

Hello, this sounds like a great idea! However, I would like to know how this really works, can you provide a further description? I don't understand what you mean by 'secret code', can you show an example?

secret code Braille

Posted by Katy

The "secret codes" are just the letter combinations that you make on the paper or flashcards. Calling them "secret codes" makes for a more exciting and engaging lesson.

When the student reads the letters correctly I just push play on our music for 10-15 seconds then push pause. We then read another code to "unlock" more music. Its just a way to spice up repetitive Braille practice.

Got it, thanks for your

Posted by Jang Hee I

Got it, thanks for your comment!

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