Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired


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Below are strategies for all content areas.

Gwyn with materials from Marvin's market adventure

Marvin's Market Adventure: Interactive Book

By gwyn52
This interactive book uses a theme-based approach to bring literacy to life for children who are blind or visually impaired or with multiple disabilities.
Cover of Christmas Word Search book with tactile Christmas tree

Christmas Word Find Book

By Liamsmom
Get in the holiday spirit by inviting braille students to look for words related to Christmas, Hannukah, or other special themes or events.
Procede pour écrire les Paroles, la Musique et le Plain-chant au moyen de points, a l’usage des aveugles et dispose pour eux, par L. Braille, Répétiteur à l'Institution Royale des Jeunes Aveugles. Paris. 1829.

Louis Braille Timeline Game

By PennyR
Every year on January 4th, students can play this game in honor of Louis Braille's birthday. It is a good way to review who Louis Braille is.
Braille Code Collection Boxes

Braille Code Collection Boxes

By gwyn52
Motivate children to learn letters or contractions of the braille code by collecting things in boxes or containers.
Christmas roll activity with adaptation

Adapting Roll-a-Christmas-Tree Game

By Liamsmom
Ideas to make the Roll-a-Christmas-Tree game accessible to children who are deafblind, blind or visually impaired using braille and tactile materials
Turkey tail feathers

Thanksgiving Feathers: A Creative Writing Assignment

By Charlotte Cushman
This creative writing assignment was done by a 4th grader, who is deafblind. He's quite proud of it and we're happy to share it here!
Picture symbols on Velcro strips on outside of DVD case

Making Symbols Portable

By Liz Eagan
This system helps to make picture symbols more portable for students with low vision who need Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) support.
 braillewriter, braille eraser, and a braille notetaker paired with a computer.  The braille display reads “I like to bake”.”

Braille Writing: Pairing a Refreshable Braille Display with a Perkins Braillewriter

By Dmitry Neronov
This lesson on braille writing shows how to pair a refreshable braille display with a Perkins Braillewriter to motivate students with visual impairments.
Tactile dots

Braille "Twister"

By Beth Borysewicz
Braille "Twister" is a fun way to practice braille literacy skills while incorporating movement with students who are blind or visually impaired. This can be played in an inclusive setting with sighted peers at recess or individually to practice dot configurations.
Braille wreath

Braille Designs of Holiday Wreaths

By Edith West
These braille drawings are a fun way to celebrate the holiday season for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving or other occasions!
Cover of Fall Pumpkin book

Experience Book about Fall Pumpkin Craft Activity

By Liz Eagan
This tactile fall pumpkin book uses real objects, braille and large print to discuss the experience of making a fall pumpkin book with students who are blind or visually impaired.
A boy who is deafblind uses an abacus with his interpreter

Using an Abacus with a Child Who Is Deafblind

By Liamsmom
These videos demonstrate the use of an abacus to solve addition and subtraction problems with a student who is deafblind with an interpreter using tactile sign, braille, and a teacher.

Story with All UEB Braille Contractions

By Charlotte Cushman
This short passage uses all UEB (Unified English Braille) contractions and is a fun way to provide practice for braille readers.
Halloween craft with spiderweb

Fall Holiday Craft: Autumn Leaves, Pumpkin, Spiders

By Liz Eagan
This fall holiday craft for students who are blind or visually impaired includes extension activities related to literacy, language, science, and technology.
Anticipation board for child with CVI

Sequence Board for Child with CVI

By rachelgbennett
The mother of a child with cortical visual impairment (CVI) created this anticipation calendar for her son.
Circle page of book

Enlisting the Help of Older Students to Make Books for Prebraille Readers

By Liamsmom
Older students can practice their braille literacy skills while also enjoying the feeling of helping others when making books for pre-braille readers.
APH graphing board

Teaching Graphing Transformations

By Tracy Fitch
Strategies to teach graphing transformations to students who are blind or visually impaired using a graphing board and push pins to make the graphs accessible
Interactive Wheels on the Bus

Interactive Wheels on the Bus

By Karen Epley
Interactive Wheels on the Bus is a great way to engage children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities through meaningful & active participation
The author with story bucket materials.

Story Bucket and Learning Activities Based on Otis the Tractor

By gwyn52
This Story Bucket and learning activities for young children who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities, is based on the book "Otis" by Loren Long.
g-raff backpack

Making Literacy Meaningful for Kids with CVI

By Brenda Biernat
The mother of a young child with CVI shares tips on making literacy meaningful for children with cortical visual impairment.