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Donut Forget Your Valentines

Donut Forget Valentines Cards

"Donut" forget your braille and print Valentines this year! 

Download a PDF including a print only, "visual braille" only, and print & braille versions of the clever "Donut Forget You Are a Great Friend!" Valentines for kids created by

Print the Valentines on colorful cardstock, add braille and embellishments to make a fun card to touch!

Ideas for Decorating the Donut Graphic:

  • Glitter glue
  • Rhinestones
  • Foam Stickers for Sprinkles
  • Felt or Glitter Foam


You could also attach a package of mini donuts or a regular donut, or even a bag of donut holes!

If you're searching for more Valentine's Day themed resources, be sure to check out

Donut forget dual media image

Have you made these Valentines? Please share your pictures with us!

Donut Valentine collage

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