Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

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Tactile Valentine post box
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Make Valentine's Day accessible to children who are blind, deafblind, visually impaired or multiply disabled with accessible post boxes!
Worksheet of triangles adapted for a child with CVI
Added by Brenda Biernat
Tips to modify math worksheets for students with cortical visual impairment, Phase III
close up of the volcano project with the vocabulary cards around it
Added by Sandy Kenrick
This volcano assignment shows how to make science accessible to students who are deafblind.
AA boy measures salt.
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Task analysis breaks down the steps in any given activity or skill, which helps to promote independence for children who are deafblind, blind, visually impaired or with other special needs.
Two boys hanging ornaments on Christmas tree
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Ideas to involve children who are blind or visually impaired in Christmas and holiday activities at home and in the community
Two boys sitting on rug holding their calendars
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Make your Advent calendar accessible to children who are blind or deafblind this Christmas using braille.
pages of a book labeling the parts of a beaver, one is in braille and has tactile objects and the other is large print and has a black and white picture
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Tips to introduce nonfiction conventions, such as Table of Contents, Glossary, etc. to braille and large print readers
Turkey jars
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Thanksgiving craft activity for kids who are blind, deafblind, low vision or with other special needs focusing on what they are thankful for
Worksheet with yellow highlighting
Added by Brenda Biernat
Guidelines for what to include in an IEP for children with CVI (cortical visual impairment)
different textures represent different layers of the Earth
Added by Sandy Kenrick
Tactile graphics with braille labels help to make a science activity about the layers of the Earth accessible to students who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired.