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Seeking Reviewers for Pre-Kindergarten Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum

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Dear Professional in the Field of Visual Impairment and/or Parent: 
Pearson is seeking 20 volunteers to review the Pre-Kindergarten Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum with students who are learning to read and write in braille. 
Nemeth braille content for Pre-Kindergarten was divided across 6 modules that can be downloaded and embossed. The modules include hands-on activities and games that build Nemeth braille skills and reinforce mathematical concepts. Each module includes: teacher reference materials, student braille materials, a recording sheet to collect ongoing data, and a check-up. The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum ends with review activities, a cumulative recording sheet, and a posttest. 
If you would like to participate, please complete a brief questionnaire about you and your student by clicking on the following link: The information will be used to help us determine if you and your student are a good match for this review. If you are selected to participate, we will notify you via email and attach an electronic consent form for you and the parent/guardian to complete. 
In order to participate in the review of the curriculum, you will need access to the Internet to download files. You will also need a way to get materials embossed or a refreshable braille display as well as a braillewriter. If this is problematic, please let us know in the additional thoughts section at the end of the survey.
Thank you for considering our request to participate in the review of the Pre-Kindergarten Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum. If you would like additional information or have questions, please contact me at 864-441-8774 or
Tina Herzberg, Ph.D.
Consultant/Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum Developer