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Research survey: The Perception and Use of Technology Within Braille Instruction

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Natalie Martiniello is a Graduate student completing a Masters degree in Vision Rehabilitation at the University of Montreal and is currently seeking participation in a research study questionnaire on The Perception and Use of Technology Within Braille Instruction Among Braille Teaching Professionals.

The goal of this research is to contribute to current discussions about the relationship between braille and technology and to explore the extent to which technology can be viewed as a tool to supplement braille rather than as a force that will replace and threaten its future existence. In particular, this research study explores the perception and use of technology within braille instruction among braille teaching professionals for children and adults (ILS instructors, educators, teachers of students with visual impairments and vision rehabilitation therapists).  It attempts to address, in particular, the following key questions: According to braille instructors, does technology pose a threat to braille? Why or why not?  Is technology used within braille instruction? If so, how? If not, why not? Are teachers of braille sufficiently knowledgeable to incorporate technology within braille instruction if they choose to do so?

Participation in this study will consist of the completion of one questionnaire that can either be completed online by following the below link or by telephone by providing your contact information. The survey consists of a series of at most 30 semi-structured questions. The online survey should take no more than 30 minutes and should be fully accessible to sighted and blind participants alike. Alternatively, if you complete this questionnaire by telephone, this should take no more than one hour of your time.  An audio recording of the telephone interview will be made for transcription purposes, but it will be destroyed after transcription and consent will be asked for in advance.

To participate in this research, participants:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must teach braille or have taught braille within the last five years in English or French, in Canada or the United States, to children or adults.

They welcome participation from both those who do and those who do not use technology within their braille instruction. Both perspectives would be equally valuable and appreciated.

You may complete the online survey by visiting the following link: