Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Paths to Literacy at 2016 NE AER Conference

Northeast AER conference

Paths to Literacy will be exhibiting at the Perkins eLearning booth at the Northeast AER Conference in South Portland.  Please stop by and say hello!


Registration is now open for the 2016 NE AER Conference!

The conference will be held November 16-18, 2016 at the Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks, South Portland, Maine.

Sessions include:

  • The Emotional Side of Diabetes
  • Strategies for Tactile Communication with Students Who Are Deafblind, or Blind with Additional Disabilities
  • One if by land, two if by sea: how aquatherapy can enhance your student's body awareness
  • Homeless Veterans
  • From Manipulation to Communication: Teaching Core Vocabulary to Lily
  • When the Challenges of Aging and Visual Impairment Collide: Working Together to Build a Toolbox of Rehab Ideas of Best Care for Older Adults
  • Do-It-On-A-Dime:  Affordably Meeting Adapted Daily Living Supply Needs
  • Maine Rehabilitation Center - The Vocational Component
  • Filling the Accessibility Gaps in the Classroom
  • Google Maps for Itinerant
  • Titles Matter! The Power of Language to Increase the Visibility / Effectiveness of Low Incidence Services for individuals with Visual Impairment
  • Teaching Orientation & Mobility to Guide Dog Handlers
  • Center Based Rehabilitation – A Mindset, Not Just A Skill Set
  • The CVI Literacy Matrix©: Understanding How to Connect Literacy across All Three Phases of CVI
  • How to be Attractive:  Recruitment
  • Let’s Take a Walk: Pedestrian enhancements which impact Pedestrians with vision loss
  • Technical Advisors:  A new approach to supervision and supporting staff
  • Dog Guide Mobility:  What O&M Specialists Need to Know
  • The VA and you!
  • The Playground as the Perfect Place for Parents to Reinforce Early O&M Skills
  • Introducing The Amazon Echo
  • Double It
  • Life 101, 2 week Transition program for students ages 14 and up
  • Access Technology Wading Pool
  • Improving the Orientation, Navigation and Problem Solving skills of Internet Users with Visual Impairments
  • A Low Vision Clinic The 5 S way!
  • NEW Professional Master’s Program in Visual Impairment at the School of Optometry, University of Montreal
  • Para Transit, Travel Training and O&M
  • The Basics of OrCam
  • There is Nothing Mild About Mild Cerebral Visual Impairment!
  • Accessible Digital Documents for All
  • Introduction to Eccentric Viewing Training for the Busy CVRT
  • Client Choice & Motivation for O&M
  • Transition, Collaboration and Community Based Learning…..putting the pieces together for success
  • Tips to Teaching Technology
  • A Walk in the Woods with Your Eyes Closed: Helping children learn about the natural world through sound
  • Running Out of Time

For registration, visit:


Event Date: 

Nov 16, 2016 to Nov 18, 2016

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