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Braille Blaster Blog and Q & A Event

Braille BlasterBrailleBlaster™ Question and Answer Day Coming from APH and AFB!
BrailleBlaster™ software is a revolutionary new tool for braille transcribers who need to produce high-quality braille material quickly and efficiently. And BrailleBlaster™ is not just for transcribers! This advanced yet easy-to-use braille translation program is available to parents, students, and teachers – and it’s FREE!


Learn more about BrailleBlaster during a Q&A day on the American Foundation for the Blind’s


On Wednesday, January 10: Read the FamilyConnect blog post about BrailleBlaster and send us your questions!  Then on Wednesday, January 17: Return to the blog to participate in a Q&A day!

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For more information about BrailleBlaster, please visit For questions about BrailleBlaster or this event, please email

Event Date: 

Jan 10, 2018 to Jan 17, 2018

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