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Below are strategies posts related to Braille.

a teddy bear holding a note to nurse in braille

Nurses Appreciation Day

Teaching students to show their appreciation is a great way to practice braille literacy skills, while also reinforcing areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.
Liam feeling the word "love" in braille on the new bench

Woodwork and Braille

Incorporate braille into your home, both indoors and out!
Worksheet with braille contractions and print words

Knowledge Checks of Contractions for Dual Media Learners

Worksheets for dual media learners to practice whole word braille contractions
fake flowers glued to look like they are in a vase cut out of a blue gift bag with glitter on it

Mother's Day Crafts

This is a fun Mother's Day activity for students who are blind or visually impaired, which uses braille and textured materials.
a drum set

Cymbal Braille File Folder Game

Dual media learners can practice the whole word braille contractions the, and, with, of, child, still, and to, with this file folder game.
Liam reading the braille tape on the cover of Goodnight Moon

Note-Taking Strategy to Log School Reading Assignments

Tips to create an accessible reading log for braille students
a seder plate with traditional foods for Passover

Passover Sensory Story Bucket

This Passover story bucket provides a sensory experience and early literacy experience for children who are blind or visually impaired.
baskets in a mudroom filled with winter clothing

Making Our Mudroom Accessible

The mother of children who are blind tells how she used braille labels to make the family mudroom accessible to the whole family.
Sample pages from book showing seahorse and octopus

Sea Life-Themed Tactile Book: What Do You See in the Sea?

This tactile book is an ocean-themed book about sea animals, which has been adapted for a braille student in Kindergarten.
a train with a four cars

Train File Folder Game: Whole Word Contractions

File folder game to teach dual media students whole word braille contractions
tactile features on a big clock with movable hands

Big Braille Clock to Support Understanding Elapsed Time

This homemade braille clock is a concrete way for students with visual impairments to manipulate the clock to understand elapsed time.
Lazy Susan with braille labels

Spin and Move!

This game provides practice matching textures, objects, and braille words. Kids will enjoy reading braille labels and performing the action movements on the card!
Braille cell pizza twists

Braille Cell Pizza Twists

Making pizza twists is a fun way to incorporate the Expanded Core Curriculum with braille skills.
Braille Bingo

Braille Bingo!

Braille Bingo is a fun way for students to practice contractions and other braille skills to promote braille literacy.
Nemo braille design

Braille Design of Nemo

Braille drawings help to promote braille literacy, while making practice fun and motivating!
two cartoon bugs, one named Obb and one named Bob

Obb and Bob Braille Practice with Nonsense Words

This fun interactive game gives beginning braille readers practice recognizing nonsense and real words, which promotes decoding skills and reading comprehension.
a felt mouse and an empty cookie package on the cover of a book

"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" Adaptation

Tactile adaptation of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" for braille readers.
Liam and heart book

Valentine's Day Fun for Children who are Blind and Their Siblings!

Here are some Valentine's Day activities to do with children who are blind or visually impaired and their siblings!
Picture of word cube with braille labels and braille word cards

Ready for Phonics - Making Words

Hands-on phonics activity for beginning braille readers and those who have additional disabilities
Cover of Traffic Braille

Traffic Braille File Folder

Dual media learners can practice matching braille letters to print letters in this file folder game.