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Below are strategies posts related to Braille.

UKAAF Transcribing Foreign Language Materials

Transcribing Braille for Foreign Language Learners

A TVI shares how he creates braille for pupils learning a foreign language.
Putting braille labels on a cup

Labeling Cups at Home

Labeling cups in braille can promote braille literacy, as well as independent living skills.
Braille on Ace of Spades

How to Braille Playing Cards

Guidelines on how to braille playing cards for players who are blind or low vision
Index card with "help" in print and braille

Cards to Promote Independence

Promote independence with students with special needs, including those with visual impairments, using these index cards.
Liam touching the brailled garden labels

Writing Garden Labels

Include braille in your summer by inviting your child or student to write garden labels!
Yoda braille design

Yoda Braille Design

This braille design of Yoda is a fun way to practice braille literacy skills and to create braille art or braille drawings.
Cover of Clue Jr.

Adapting Clue Jr. for Children with Vision Impairments

Tips to adapt the board game of Clue Jr. for children who are blind or low vision.
Pizza braille game

Pizza Braille Game: Part-Word Contractions

This game is designed to reinforce part-word braille contractions with dual media learners.
Braille Darth Vader design

Darth Vader Braille Design

This braille design of Darth Vader is a fun way to practice braille literacy skills and to create braille art or braille drawings.
Fridge magnets, braille letters spell love with tactile heart, also star magnet and dachshund magnet

Making Braille Magnets for Beginning Readers

Step-by-step instructions to create your own braille magnets for beginning braille readers
A student holds up her braille year book next to her twin brother

Yearbook Time! Ideas on Including Students with Visual Impairments

Ideas to make the yearbook experience accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired
Bellringer questions with question marks

Bellringers: A Warm-Up Activity for Braille Students

These warm-up questions are a great activity to promote braille literacy skills.
Braille tow truck

Tow Truck Braille Design

Braille design of tow truck is a fun project to promote braille literacy, as well as accessible drawing for students who are blind or visually impaired.
cards with questions on one side and paperclips on the back

Challenge Card Game: Practice Braille Reading Skills While Having Fun!

In this interactive game, students take turns reading braille cards and responding to the challenge written on the card.
a teddy bear holding a note to nurse in braille

Nurses Appreciation Day

Teaching students to show their appreciation is a great way to practice braille literacy skills, while also reinforcing areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.
Liam feeling the word "love" in braille on the new bench

Woodwork and Braille

Incorporate braille into your home, both indoors and out!
Worksheet with braille contractions and print words

Knowledge Checks of Contractions for Dual Media Learners

Worksheets for dual media learners to practice whole word braille contractions
fake flowers glued to look like they are in a vase cut out of a blue gift bag with glitter on it

Mother's Day Crafts

a drum set

Cymbal Braille File Folder Game

Dual media learners can practice the whole word braille contractions the, and, with, of, child, still, and to, with this file folder game.
Liam reading the braille tape on the cover of Goodnight Moon

Note-Taking Strategy to Log School Reading Assignments

Tips to create an accessible reading log for braille students