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for students who are blind or visually impaired

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Math Literacy

A girl stirs ingredients in a bowl.
Posted by Liz Eagan
Cooking is a great way to incorporate all areas of the curriculum in a motivating, practical activity or series of activities.  Literacy (recipes in large print, braille, or audio), math (showing the real-world application of counting, adding and...

Image of graph with braille and tactile graphics
Posted by Belinda Rudinger
There is NEVER enough time in the school day for everything I want to create and accomplish for my students with visual impairments, so having an assortment of low tech options and quick fixes is essential. Making Notebooks with Reference Concepts and...

UEB and Math collage
Posted by cyralm
The roll out of a new braille code known as the Unified English Braille code has caused a welcome resurgence in interest and training in braille for educators. There is a lot of excitement as we master the new rules and learn about these changes. This...

oreo reading book
Posted by Charlotte Cushman
We are so grateful to all of you in our online Community of Practice for sharing your ideas and support throughout the year!  While the latest blog post is emailed to you each week, there are many other posts throughout the week that you may have missed...

tactile math ideas collage
Posted by gwyn52
Children who are blind or visually impaired, including those who have additional disabilities or deafblindness, benefit from lots of hands-on exploration of real objects from the natural environment.  Exploration of various household items can help to...

A young girl jumping on a trampoline
Posted by ScarlettsEyes
I have previously mentioned in my blogs about my daughter’s disdain of handling and exploring items unless they vibrate or sing! Counting for Scarlett has never been a problem as many musical toys incorporate the number sequence, which she can...

Tactile graphics collage
Posted by gwyn52
Graphs and charts can be very challenging for students who are blind or visually impaired, whether they are using tactile graphs or large print graphs.  Students with visual impairments must be specifically taught how to interpret tactile graphics and...

Girl with glasses uses AnimalWatch Vi Suite app on iPad
Posted by PennyR
Did you know that a polar bear can smell a seal up to 1 mile away? I didn’t until I became the Project Director for AnimalWatch Vi Suite at The University of Arizona. Jane Erin and I teamed up with Dr. Carole Beal, an educational...